Diabetic Menu

Carbohydrate Counted Menu

Diabetic Menu (Carbohydrate Counted)

8oz Burger 1g with Bun 45g, Cheese and Bacon 0g   Total 46g.  £10.95


Salmon Fillet 0g with Cherry Tomato 2g, and Asparagus 2g   Total 4g.  £13.95


Chicken Fillet 0g with Carrots 7g, Broccoli 1g and 50ml Bisto Gravy 5g Total 13g.  £11.95


10oz Sirloin Steak 0g with Peppercorn Sauce 6g Total 6g.  £19.95


Chicken Goujons 25g with Salad Garnish 2g Total 27g.  £11.95


Sides £3.50
Chunky Fries 110g
Skinny Fries 50g
Baby Potatoes 50g
Mash Potatoes 60g


Kids Menu


6oz Burger 1g with Bun 45g, and Cheese 0g    Total 46g.  £5.95
Chicken Nuggets (breaded) 18g.  £5.95


Chips 50g
Beans 26g

If you have any specific allergies, please inform your server